loving companions.)

(That kitty in the picture is Rusty, my "tuxedo-wearing" best furry friend. She

represents the wonderful rescue cats who become exceptionally sweet and

gift shop with lots of fun stuff (and NOT just tee-shirts!!) for pets

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ladies are all over.

(And dog ladies...and

there, it wasn't much

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make kitty art. From

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Anyone who knows

F a n t a s t i K r i t t e r s:   a   g i f t   s h o p


K  A  R  E  N      O  L  S  E  N     F  I  N  E     A  R  T

m  o  s  t  l  y     w  a  t  e  r  c  o  l  o  r

​(  b  u  t     n  o  t     a  l  l  )