K  A  R  E  N      O  L  S  E  N     F  I  N  E     A  R  T

m  o  s  t  l  y     w  a  t  e  r  c  o  l  o  r

​(  b  u  t     n  o  t     a  l  l  )  

"Yellow Boat, Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay".  Fishermen and women are fiercely independent sorts, and it is a lot of fun to imagine the gritty individuals who own the boats at the Pillar Point fishing pier. I saw this cheery, well-used, and no doubt well-loved boat, and I just had to paint it! (plein air).

10.25" x 14". Watercolor on Arches. $350

"Irises". (plein air) 

12" x 16. Watercolor on Arches. $350

© Karen Olsen

All of these items are available for sale.  If you're interested, please contact me.

"Temple Emanu-El, San Francisco".  This handsome temple is one of my favorite San Francisco building.  I sat on the curb one gorgeous sunny morning (San Francisco at its BEST!!) and painted this. (plein air).

18" x 24".  Watercolor on Arches. $1,100.

"Charles's Garden". I visited my friends Charles and Susan in their wonderful North Cascades home and painted this lovely garden (plein air).

12" x 16". Watercolor on Arches. $400

"Caretaker's House, Crystal Springs Reservoir".  This is San Francisco Water District property, generally closed to the public.  I was lucky, though.  A ranger happened to stop by, and he let me in to paint this scene. (plein air)

12" x 16". Watercolor on Arches. $400

Here are my newest paintings, along with a little background info.