K  A  R  E  N      O  L  S  E  N     F  I  N  E     A  R  T

m  o  s  t  l  y     w  a  t  e  r  c  o  l  o  r

​(  b  u  t     n  o  t     a  l  l  )  

n   e   w   s


Hi, art lovers around the net!

I’ve got a couple of things to tell you about!!  (Disclaimer: Of course this is altogether self-serving...after all, aren’t websites like this precisely meant for that purpose??!!   (Yes.  They are.)  Even so, I hope you’ll find some of this of interest. 


I’m very pleased to let you guys know that I’ve just been accepted into the The Aegis Gallery of Fine Art in the lovely town of Saratoga, CA.  Aegis is a small gallery,  with a cozy but light-filled atmosphere that shows off the artwork beautifully.  The gallery has a robust roster of artists, and I look forward to a fun and happy association there.  

Aegis is a friendly place, near lots of nice shops and restaurants (my favorite amenity: the awesome coffee place two doors down!).  It’s very pleasant to stroll around town on a sunny afternoon, and if you are of a mind to stop in at Aegis, you’ll be made to feel very welcome.   The gallery is located in the heart of the town (14531 Big Basin Way # 2, Saratoga; phone, (408) 867-0171).  


I am a cat lady, and for years, I’ve thought about creating a calendar for people like me.  This year, I did it.  “QUOTABLE CATS” is just the thing for cat lovers and the people who love them!  It features my digital kitty art, which is quite a different style from my fine art painting.  It’s what I do when I am wearing my designer/illustrator hat.  

Each month features one of my “designer” cats, along with a witty, pithy, and fun quotation about cats and their humans...many from surprising sources!  It’s a perfect small gift or stocking stuffer...at $12, it’s inexpensive but still unique and special!  If you’d like to order one, all you have to do is give me a call, 650-575-9411, or email me at karen@karenolsenfineart.  Payment is easy via PayPal.  Oh...btw...if you buy 5 or more, the price goes down to $10ea.  (I do have to add a shipping and handling charge...sorry.  $3 for one calendar, $5 for two to five, $7 for six to eight, and $9 for ten.  Outside dimensions: 8 1/2” x 11”; writing space for each date: about 1 1/2”.


Not all my news will be about me, me, me!  I love to go to museums and look at art.  And when I see something I really like, I want to talk about it!  So certainly, you’ll see some of that here.  Other stuff too, no doubt.  So stay tuned...